Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

open your eyes for the homeless

The Little

i heard your whimper and your whining 
you sat in a bush right next to the tram
in your eyes there was these pining
you only weighed a few hundred gram

my heart was broken
could not stop crying
i saw you as a token
but had to leave, it felt like dying


and then i got this phone call
after hours full of concern
you was still there, unharmed, and on his arms - so tall

now you have a loving home
and we can see you whenever we want
you little gnome

yes, you're a very special cat
you follow like a dog and eat like a pig
and sometimes you're even like a clever rat


i'm glad that I found you and that you got through
four years ago
it was one of the most beautiful feelings that we could save you
my little pikusch, you got the flow