Montag, 27. Januar 2014

the beauty of decay

all must be perfect and new but there is so much beautiful old stuff in my view
go outside, look around - there are so many things of decay
should we forget them? ignore them? are they ugly? ney.

you can see old substance which involves good moments of the old days
but they are hidden under the haze

look twice and your life will change, it gets rearranged
now you can see beauty in things where most people grimly pass by 
but you, you are happy, stand there and smile.


  1. Hey =)
    beautiful blog! I really like your photos! You have a nice style =)


  2. Klasse Stimmung! :)
    In das Grusel Haus würde ich auch gerne mal reinkrabbeln, ich liebe diese Stimmung!
    Mach weiter so.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Dein Blog ist wirklich fabelhaft - mach weiter so ! c:
    Deine Bilder gefallen mir sehr gut (:
    Beste Grüße, Neele von Royalcoeur ♥

    Ps. Natürlich freue ich mich über deinen Besuch - und deinen Kommentar c: